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Penny for Your Thoughts

Dear Friends, 

How are you?  We  hope all is well and that you are in good health.  

For awhile now, Courage & Renewal- North Texas  has been asking  ‘What can we do for our community during this time of crisis?’  Our goal is to find a way to ease anxiety and increase support for the individuals within our community who have been or continue to be affected by what is happening and for our services to reach as many people as possible.   We have a few ideas, but would like to hear what you have to say.  We encourage you to take a moment and help us answer this question:

Taking into consideration the services we offer, how can
Courage & Renewal- North Texas accomplish our goal?



Your Friends at Courage & Renewal-North Texas

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 "Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do"


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Please visit our website at

“Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do”

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Images of Renewal. Words of Courage.


Little sprigs and sprouts and touches of green. It’s coming! Did you notice?

What is springing forth in your life and work?


Photo Mandala (c) Donna Bearden

These images and and words are a monthly offering from Courage & Renewal – North Texas.  It is our hope that they will provide a moment of refreshment, of renewal – and will enable you to live and work more whole heartedly.  

For more information go to

"Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do"

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Hello Friends!

Welcome!  Let’s start blogging…

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