Images of Renewal. Words of Courage.


Little sprigs and sprouts and touches of green. It’s coming! Did you notice?

What is springing forth in your life and work?


Photo Mandala (c) Donna Bearden

These images and and words are a monthly offering from Courage & Renewal – North Texas.  It is our hope that they will provide a moment of refreshment, of renewal – and will enable you to live and work more whole heartedly.  

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"Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do"



  1. Courage & Renewal-North Texas said

    I love this photo! Changes…let me think…oh, yeah! I am currently decorating my apartment so that it feels more like a home and less like rented space. So that’s cool.

  2. Rachel said

    This picture reminds me of the contrast between winter and spring. We don’t have snow here but this is what I would image it is like. The little bits of green pushing up out of the cold hard ground.

  3. Tracey said

    I’m glad you have a blog! And grateful for this beautiful image.

  4. Hi Cindy. This is just lovely. I find myself out in the garden looking each day to see the new growth in my backyard. I’m just loving the buds on the trees. It’s just my favorite time of year. Love the blog. Best, Nancy

  5. Alisa said

    Thanks for this lovely evocative image! It makes me wonder about what’s springing at different layers in my life as I look at the layers in the image. Like my children growing in their independence … my newfound courage to listen to where God’s sending me in ministry (in spite of my stickiness to my current spot) … my 300+yr-old oaks which keep reaching across my yard to cover up the icky view of industrial metal buildings being erected behind us and focusing me on the life-giving views instead … new friendships which are blooming. Thanks again for inspiring the moment.

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