Chatty Cathy

Remember these?

Remember these?

Dear Friends

Today on my lunch break, I took a walk through the neighborhood, enjoying the warmth, the sights, the sounds and the people. And as I walked I thought about the way I stay in contact with my family, my friends and you.  Yesterday, I used my phone and today, I used Twitter.  Yeah, in the blink of an eye, technology changed the way I stay connected.  

In today’s world, technology reigns supreme.  Using our PCs, laptops and i-Phones to access the e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog accounts to “update”  mom and dad, sisters and brothers, childhood friends and new friends on what is going on.  The good news, for those of us who are timid, is that it’s pretty easy once you get started.

Which is why I am so glad we have our blog at  All you and I have to do is post comments and enjoy reading others comments and responding (when you feel the urge).  What an easy way to stay connected.

In other words, blog with me!

Sincerely Yours in Blogging,

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  1. Kerry Neuhardt said

    Hi Nate’

    Thanks for your comments. This exciting seeing a blog for Courage N. Texas. Technology is wonderful and I think it is great we can so easily contact each other but I also think it is important to remember face to face and human touch should remain an important part of of priorities. Because I do think there is a growing sense of isolation occurring in our society. Would be curious to know what others think?

  2. Rachel said

    I find even with all the technology available at my finger tips I still have problems staying in touch. Life gets so busy, so hectic. It’s easy to send an email but even that at times is difficult.
    Sometimes I just have to remember to stop and make time. Just like now, I am thinking of all the lists in my head but I just felt the need to do this blog. I would love face to face, if only I actually made time for it. Time is such a powerful thing.

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