Images of Renewal



Aerodynamically the honey bee shouldn’t

be able to fly. 

That’s what they say. 

Big body.  Small wings.  Not at all designed for flying.

But they forgot to tell the honey bee.


In what areas of your life or work have others said you should not be able to fly, but you fly beautifully anyway?


Photo Mandala © Donna Bearden


These images and words are a monthly offering from Courage & Renewal- North Texas.  It is our hope that they will provide a moment of refreshment, of reflection, of renewal – and will enable you to live and work more whole heartedly.


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"Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do."



  1. I am fifty plus and decided to change careers, others have told me I am too old, the workforce is looking for young people. I have been told the ability to learn, retain and memorize is more difficult the older you get. I have been told I should give the idea up.

    Since then I have received my Paralegal Studies AAS with honors and student of the year. I am two semesters away from my Paralegal Studies bachelor’s degree for Texas Wesleyan University. I have contracted out paralegal services to several individuals and I am confident that I get gainful employment in the field.

    I encourage any and everyone to hold on to your vision and don’t lose sight of it or let anyone elses vision be yours.

  2. Rita Deyoe-Chiullan said

    The Mandalas have been lovely. I treasure each one but am especially enchanted with the May offering. May I reproduce it with appropriate credit to the copyright owner?
    Please tell me what is permissible and how to indicate the source correctly if it can be used. I am thinking I would love to be able to have it open my Blackboards for courses I am teaching, but I would want to make sure the creator of the lovely artwork is given proper credit.

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