Awww, thanks!


If you have met me (Nate’),  you know that I LOVE the work I do for Courage & Renewal- North Texas.  I am also very fond of the the Images of Renewal and Words of Courage that are contributed monthly by our friends, Donna Bearden  and Ann Faulkner, respectively. 
And apparently, I am not the only one…

"…the "images of renewal" you send are so welcome.  They’re a bright spot in my e-mail."

"This was so completely beautiful! Thank you so much for the hope and courage you offer. I love your new messages….GREAT idea!"

"Thanks for this, Cindy. I love Wendell Berry, but I don’t recall having seen this before. I look forward to May’s words!"

" love it!"

"Thanks for the email. I have to say that I must have finally found my real work and come to my real journey because I am truly baffled.  I do continue to sing and embrace each new day…"

"Loved the previous mandala–it is up in a corner of my desktop, and this one will soon join it."

 Thank you for your kind words!   Please feel free to post your own words of courage or thoughts anytime, right here on our blog in the comments section below. 

All the Best,


For more information, please visit our website

"Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do."


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