Words of Courage.

The Comfort of Questions

We built a house
together, one without a roof.
All night it opened
to dark, abundant emptiness—
the questions without answers.

Gradually those questions
became stars. Red dwarfs and blue giants
consoled me, allowed the darkness
inside to be, to sprout like a safe seed,
slowly with grace.

In that house, all those days,
those years of your patient presence,
I learned to live
under freedom’s open sky,
with the walls of kindness
surrounding me.

In the beginning, what I knew could
fill volumes and teach me
nothing. Now I look to the shadows,
the starry questions and inhale,
every exhalation a Thank You.

 -Rebecca del Rio



Has there been a time in your life or work, where you have found solace in life’s unanswered questions? 



This is our monthly offering of Words of Courage. It is our hope that the words that you read and the questions you consider will en-courage you to engage fully in your work in the world.

These "Words of Courage" contributed by Ann Faulkner, a CRNT facilitator.

For more information visit our website: www.CourageNorthTexas.org

"Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do."


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  1. Kerry said

    I have found it is often the unanswered questions in life that lead to the greatest adventures!

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