Words of Courage.


Deep Summer mockingbird

The mockingbird

opens his throat

among the thorns

for his own reasons


but doesn’t mind

if we pause

to listen

and learn something


or ourselves;

he doesn’t stop, he nods

his gray head


with the frightfully bright eyes,

he flirts

his supple tail,

he says:


listen, if you would listen. 

There’s no end

to good talk,

to passion songs,


to the melodies

that say

this branch,

this tree is mine,


to the wholesome


of being alive

on a patch


of this green earth

in the deep

pleasures of summer.

What a bird!


Your clocks, he says plainly,

which are always ticking,

do not have to be listened to.

The spirit of his every word.

Mary Oliver, Evidence, 2009


What are you choosing to listen to?

This is our monthly offering of Words of Courage. It is our hope that the words that you read and the questions you consider will en-courage you to engage fully in your work in the world.

These "Words of Courage" contributed by Ann Faulkner, a CRNT facilitator.

"Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do."
For more information, please visit our website at http://www.couragenorthtexas.org


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