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Words of Courage.

At the Pond


One summer

   I went every morning

      to the edge of a pond where

         a huddle of just-hatched geese


would paddle to me

   and clamber

      up the marshy slope

         and over my body,


peeping and staring—

   such sweetness every day

      which the grown ones watched,

         for whatever reason,



   Not there, however, but here

      is where the story begins.

         Nature has many mysteries,


some of them severe. 

   Five of the young geese grew

      heavy of chest and

         bold of wing


while the sixth waited and waited

   in its gauze-feathers, its body

      that would not grow.

         And then it was fall.


And this is what I think

   everything is about:

      the way

         I was glad


for those five and two

   that flew away,

      and the way I hold in my heart the wingless one

         that had to stay.



—Mary Oliver

Evidence, p. 34-35




In your personal or professional life, what is leaving and what is staying behind?


This is our monthly offering of Words of Courage. It is our hope that the words that you read and the questions you consider will en-courage you to engage fully in your work in the world.

These Words of Courage contributed by Ann Faulkner, a CRNT facilitator.


Reconnecting  Who You Are With What You Do.

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Image of Renewal.

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In your professional life, do you take the time to reflect on the good work you do or is it "just another day in the office"?

Photo Mandala © Donna Bearden

These images and words are a monthly offering from Courage & Renewal – North Texas. It is our hope that they will provide a moment of refreshment, of reflection, of renewal – and will enable you to live and work more whole heartedly.

"Reconnecting Who You Are With What You Do."

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